Bill L.

We were visiting Seattle and my car was broken into. We needed to leave by noon the next day to go home. Bob came out right away to fix it, and we were able to leave on time. Great job and service.

Mark W.

I called wind-tech for a windshield replacement, and Bob was very knowledgeable about his craft. He came out the same day, and it only took him 40 min to do the job, and it looks great. Would highly recommend.

Harry K.

Bob fixed a window on my 46 Pontiac. He had to custom make it, and it looks great. I called every shop in the book and nobody else would do the job. I am glad I found wind-tech. Thank you again for a great professional job.

Judy J.

Great job, great price, and prompt service. Will call again.

Windy D.

Bob from wind-tech was able to fix three rock chips on my windshield, and I can hardly find them, what a great job. Thanks.

Joe G.

Bob was able to fix a rock chip that others said couldn’t be done. He saved me a lot of money. Thanks.

Betty K.

Wind-tech was able to fix an 8” crack in my windshield. It looks a hundred times better, and I saved some money by not having to replace my windshield. That’s great service.

Gary and Linda H.

Bob from wind-tech came out to the gym where we were working out, and he was done before we were done. Great service and very professional.

Mike R.

Wind-tech was able to fix a 12” crack in my windshield. Everyone else said I would have to replace it, I saved over $200, thanks for a super job.

Jerry M.

Bob came out on my lunch break to replace my window, and he was done before lunch was over. I enjoyed watching you work so efficiently.

Carl K.

I was going to sell my car, but the windshield you put in makes it look brand new, I just might keep it. Thanks for a great job.

Margaret A.

I am elderly, and don’t get out much because of my health. So I was very pleased that Bob was able to come to my home to fix my broken door window. He was very courteous, and it didn’t take him long at all to do the job, and it was within my budget.

Jim B.

I couldn’t believe that it only took 45 minuets to change my window, Bob sure knows his stuff. I would highly recommend.

Joy B.

Quick response, and quick repair. It’s good to see someone who knows what they are doing. I will definitely use again.

Jill W.

I called wind-tech after my window was broken by vandals, they came out within an hour, and it was good as new 20 minutes later, and they even cleaned up all the glass. Great job would recommend.

Buddy T.

I drive a semi truck cross country, and I had a broken windshield. Bob was able to come out to the motel I was staying at and fix it right there. I was back on the road in no time. He’s a great worker.

Dan P.

I have had my windshield replaced by other companies in the past, but wind-tech surpassed them all in quality, price, and service. I will use them from now on. Thanks for a great experience.

Gladys J.

Bob was very polite, and did a very good job installing my window. I have already told my friends to call him, I would use him again.

Sam L.

I needed a windshield for my dump truck, and Bob was able to come out the same day to replace it. This saved me a lot of down time, I would highly recommend his service.

Judy M.

When my car was vandalized I was devastated, but bob from wind-tech came out right away to fix it and within an hour it was like it never happened. Thank you for a great job.

Bud S.

Wind-tech came out to my office while I was working to replace my windshield, and did a fantastic job. I liked the fact that he was certified, and listed with the BBB. It’s good to see that professionals still exist.

Mark B.

Bob from wind-tech was able to make a custom window for my tug boat. Nobody else would touch the job, I guess when you’re a professional no job is to hard. I can’t thank you enough.